Downeast Maine Testimonials

“Does life get any better?? I think not!” 
- Mrs. Jeffery Thayer

“Thank you again so much for making the rental process go so smoothly. . .”
- Heidi Hawk

“Still dreaming of seals and sun and boat paint and blueberries. . .”
- Megan Aldrich

“I saw loons, herons, osprey—and I do believe a bald eagle. Indeed, that eagle called out just as he passed my chair and I heard his call returned, right over my head!”
- Steve Wright

“Oh, how I wish I were still on Deer Isle!”
- Arlie Schardt

“Thank you for your efficient arrangements and upbeat welcome for our 2005 stay on Crockett Cove... As always, we enjoyed our best year ever there...”
- Richard and Barbara Forman

“So beautiful, so peaceful, so foggy and cool! (Everything that’s missing from home.)
Thanks for a restful week in your lovely cottage home.”
- Ray and Gina Kleinhelter

“Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful cottage with us—we loved every moment of it!”
- Henry and Karen Kao

“Took us two days to get into the rhythm and now don’t want to leave. Lovely town, lovely house...”
- N. Novak

“Loved relaxing on the deck. The house plan is perfect...”
- Dale and Sue Maddock

“Thanks so much! Your home was ideal for a much-needed vacation...”
- Tammy Harrelson

“We had such a lovely visit to Stonington—everything was just perfect, including almost two weeks of fabulous weather!”
- Heidi Hawk

“Our first visit to Deer Isle was a special one, in large part due to the fine accommodations!”
- Sean, Erin, and Clara

“We saw your resident red fox, listened to the wind and the waves, and rang in the New Year in our accustomed style: quietly, with our family, in Maine. . .”
- Gail Coad and Jim McGinness

“Thank you for opening your beautiful home up to visitors. Lovely and peaceful here. Enjoyed meeting some of the locals.”
- Anthony Battista and Susan Kalb

“Now we know why Deer Isle is such a special place. We will definitely return...”
- Henry and Karen Kao

“... A very comfortable lodging. The in-town location is also very convenient. It is perfect for a family!”
- Brian Carlson

“We were caught by ‘Ketch’! Arrived after a long drive—it took one day to settle in...”
- Dasha

“We are still reliving our time at the cottage and will have to count on our memories to hold us over until next summer...”
- Heidi Hawk

“Loved the slow pace in Stonington!”
- Dasha

“The cottage was clean and welcoming...”
- Richard and Barbara Forman

“We enjoyed your cottage so much. Wonderful place for cooking together—we had some great meals...”
- Louise Warren

“We put our sailing dinghy and canoe to active use this year...”
- Richard and Barbara Forman

“Enjoyed our stay here. Quiet and serene!”
- Kent, Amber, Alexa, and Brynne Taylor

“Had a wonderful time—the weather couldn’t have been better!”
- Andrea Williams

“Enjoyed every minute of our stay!”
- Melissa Percival

“We enjoyed our stay in Stonington and look forward to returning—soon! The festivities on the Fourth were great fun!”
- Peterson-Davis Family

“Just a short stay, arranged spur-of-the-moment. Thanks to whoever canceled this week!”
- Nona

“Thanks also to whoever ordered the splendid weather. We were looking forward to the famous fog and didn’t get any!”
- Nona

“Our visit to our wonderful Stonington was made even more special by touring the islands with by baby!”
- Jeff Thayer

“We look forward to our return and future life here in this most special of places!”
- Jeff Thayer

“Thanks greatly for an excellent holiday!”
- Sean, Erin, and Clara

“I’m just packing up my car. I was here for a wonderful month!”
- Beth Janzen

"Thank you. we had a wonderful vacation. perfect weather - sunny and 70's while it was 105 degrees at home in Virginia! the house was great - everything we needed and tremendous views. we loved exploring the area - Blue Hill was great fun - we ate lots of lobster, read books, relaxed - couldn't have asked for more!" Best, Martha Baker